2016 Season Kick-Off Meeting – Dec 13, 2015

th-1The tryout process can be stressful for both the families and the clubs involved. That is one reason why we are all glad to be viewing that portion of the season in the rear view mirror! Putting the selection and acceptance process behind us the coaches, players and parents gathered together for introductions and a discussion of the upcoming season. Despite the competing holiday season activities, we had a wonderful turnout. The meeting enabled folks to gain insight into the upcoming club season and meet the individuals they will be associating with in the coming months. In addition to finalizing on basic team issues such as tournaments and team parent, the players were able to reach consensus on a team name — the Blue Crew.

IMG_0824Each year consists of a new group of players and families who bring their own talents and abilities to the team. This year’s edition is made up of ten players representing nine different area high schools. You can view the player roster at the “Meet the Team” tab above. Several of the players have played on the same club team in prior years or have at least practiced in the same gym together so in some cases they are renewing old friendships. As coaches we look forward to helping players improve their volleyball skills and we are anxious to see what fresh and unique perspective each player brings to the gym.

The players and parents were all very supportive of the proposed season plans and the direction we are headed. Thanks to everyone for participating in the kick-off meeting and getting our season off to such wonderful start.

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