Picture Day – Sunday, Feb 7


Lights, Camera, Action

With 21 teams, 42 coaches, and over 200 players assembling for Picture Day things can sometimes get a little hectic. Fortunately this year there were no teams trying to practice on the other two courts so we had plenty of room to assemble. It was great to have our whole team available as we made sure to take advantage of this first event in our new uniforms to get some additional pictures for our team blog. If you click on the “Meet the Team” tab above you will see that we have updated that tab with individual pictures of the players. Also, our blog header also contains a new picture of our team.



Of course this group of players seems to come alive whenever a camera comes out so we generated quite a few other photos of the team, individuals, and small groups. The gallery of pictures is provided below. If you click/tap on any individual picture it should take you to an enlarged view. Hopefully the pictures capture the camaraderie of the players on this team!IMG_1040 Team Attitude PicTeam Pic on Box


C69A2538 IMG_4360 IMG_0975 C69A2576 IMG_1109 IMG_0987 IMG_0984 C69A2568 C69A2543 IMG_4358 IMG_1047 C69A2550 C69A2555 C69A2542 IMG_4359 IMG_1089 IMG_1049 IMG_0973 C69A2556

IMG_1046 IMG_0988 IMG_0979 IMG_1050 IMG_1042 IMG_1052 IMG_1009 IMG_1043 IMG_1102 IMG_0974 IMG_1093 IMG_1105 IMG_1051 C69A2558 IMG_1045 IMG_1107 IMG_0977 IMG_1121 C69A2561IMG_1114 IMG_1113 C69A2605

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