16th Birthday Celebrations – Dec 7 & 13, 2015

img_0141Although volleyball is our prime focus, our team will divert our attention once in a while to honor special occasions. Such is the case when our team winds up our drills a couple of minutes early when a player has a birthday during the season. Typically we adjourn to the break room and, following a quick rendition of Happy Birthday, we partake in some giant cupcakes. Our players were not too pleased to learn that only five of our players have in-season birthdays this year — hence fewer cupcake opportunities!

Our first birthday celebration involved Grace, who turned 16 on Pearl Harbor Day, Dec 7th. The birthday celebration was a little bit unique in that the birthday girl was not present due to swim practice. Mel’s birthday followed a week later on Dec 13th, sharing her birthday with Taylor Swift and Dick Van Dyke. It is extremely early in the season but it appears the players’ volleyball skills are a little ahead of their singing skills at this point in time. It is probably fortunate that we don’t have any team choral competitions on the horizon. So happy 16th birthday Grace and Mel and we will expect more from you since you are a year older and much wiser now.

Players Celebrate Grace's Birthday --- minus Grace!

Players Celebrate Grace’s 16th Birthday — minus Grace!

Mel's Celebration

Team Congregates for Mel’s 16th

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